About Me

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Adventures of Amanda Marie in Onederland. I’m the one and only Amanda Marie, a single 20-something lady struggling with her weight and finding a balance in life. Join me as I blog through the triumphs and challenges on my daily life brought to you with the occasional sarcastic comment.

I started my weight loss journey in December of 2012 weight 234lbs. As of today I have lost 50+lbs, with another 50ish to go. It took many years of struggling with my weight, my depression and my legs before I woke up and decided that today was going to be different. I cleared the negativity, took control of my life, and chose to live healthy. It’s an ongoing battle. Some days I can work the plan like nobody’s business (Note: I’m a Weight Watchers Online member) and other days all I want is a bag of chips and to be left alone on the couch. The important thing is that I’m still hear, still trying everyday to improve and never letting the slips, trips or gains derail me.


Now I’m sure you’re wondering how a person let’s themselves go like that especially so young. I can give you my background (see below) but to me all that really matters is that I am trying to do everything I can know to be healthy.

Genetics/Childhood obesity/A love of all things chicken fingers:

I’ve always been the overweight kid, teen, adult. It was my crutch. No one looked too closely at me or had overly high expectations. My layers of fluff hid me from the world, making me numb to the world around me. It was the perfect excuse for everything that wouldn’t go right … I’m too fat to run, so I won’t. Boys won’t like me because I’m so big, not because of who I am definitely because of my size. Can you see how having that one excuse to take the blame for every little thing is addictive and all consuming? Fat took the blame and food was the warm hug I needed to take the sting away. Is it any wonder that I once weighed 274lbs? How can anyone survive with that kind of thinking? I joined WW when I weighed 234lbs, I had lost weight prior to that for my eldest brother’s wedding but it was starting to creep back on and I was scared. It was the best decision I have ever made. It was the choice to save my life.


I have muscular dystrophy, my symptoms are not as bad as some and worse than others, but I have it. Growing up having it I was always the kid with the limp. Mix a weaker lower body with a person with the agility and poise of a three legged bull in a china shop and I think we can all see why the majority of my childhood was spent with a sprained ankle or on crutches. If MD wasn’t challenging enough for a child to deal with when I was 16 a virus attacked my spinal cord and I was paralysed. I am still thankful to this day that it wasn’t permanent, but the recovery was long and I still have some issues from it. Being 16, in the hospital for two months and relearning to walk; well let’s just say that it popped my optimism balloon and a depression resulted. There are lots on factors I could blame it one but in reality I was sick of trying to happy so I embraced the numb. I comforted myself with food and checked out of life. Eventually as I got stronger, returned home and to my normal life I started to live life again. I still struggle with dark days. But all in all I am back to the happy sarcastic person I once was.

The past is behind me, all I can do is work in the present for the future I want

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